The Useless Junk Masterpieces

Recycling is a good habit. We have heard millions of public service messages over the years encouraging recycling. A true artist, however, would not be satisfied with just the process. A true artist would take it a step further and create something out of recycled products. Many such projects can be seen and they are indeed admirable.

Character from Junk

Teddy Bear from Junk

Dog from Useless Junk

Cat from Junk

Creating something new on a clean canvas is one thing; creating something out of junk is an entirely different tangent. For example, creating a large portrait of Albert Einstein out of junk is a hard task, to say the least. Artists have created motorbike of a considerable size using nothing but junk. Some finer pieces of junk art include a pendant light made from recycled aluminum pull tabs; a lamp made out of yogurt bottles, and a chandelier made from nothing but recycled plastic bottles. It is amazing how useless junk can be transformed into something beautiful, just by using the creative half of one’s mind.

US Map from Junk

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Ladies Top from Video Tapes

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The map of the United States of America is mostly shown filled with the flag colors. One artist recreated the map using empty cereal boxes. Ladies tops have always been a mega hit in the fashion world. Using useless junk, in this case magnetic video tapes, an artist made some cool futuristic tops. Many of us love plants and have numerous in our homes. One beautiful junk art is a small pot made out of a used light

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bulb. This one tops my list as the work involved is very fine and the final product is very creative and beautiful.

Potus Pot from bulb

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We all eat chicken, and we all eat eggs; but what of the egg shells? Thanks to another junk loving artist, we have a chicken made out of the otherwise useless egg shells. All these projects are proof that nothing can go to waste. If artists can create beautiful things out of useless junk, there are many new and unique avenues of art yet to be explored.

Egg Shell Chicken

Computer Chip Table

Here are some personalities created from useless junk.

Albert Einstein

Mariah Carey

Nicolas Cage

Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson

The Rock


Pig from Junk

Tree Horse

Sea Shell Portrait

Sea Shell Portrait

La Lata Bowl Made From Recycled Soda Can Tabs

La Lata Bowl Made From Recycled Soda Can Tabs

Chop-Flops Made From Recycled Chopsticks

Chop-Flops Made From Recycled Chopsticks