Amazing Collection of Hilarious Photos of Those Who Have Just Fallen

All the pictures taken by the photographer shows the sense of humor of the photographer and his creativity to capture shots of people falling out with the professionalism. Bodies with no regret are an amazing collection of hilarious photos.


Sandra Giordano has captured the live shot of fallen people, who were unable to make any effort to protect them because their minds were busy or they were carrying something heavy in their hands. The talented photographer has captured something unique and worth watching. These hilarious photos show the absence of mind of the people; they make no attempt to save themselves during crash due to fatigue of work and broken by appearance. The entire hilarious photo series is quite funny and it seems that these photos are being created for fun. These funny photos make everyone laugh on what happened to the people.

















Almost all the images have women victims, which show women are more ignorant than men. They usually lack presence of mind and habitual working with absence of mind. These hilarious photos explain different scenarios usually happen in daily life. It also shows the creativity and inspiration of photographer who have taken the shots. All these shots tell about worn out characters. The other reason for falling out of men and women is their material possessions by which they are surrounded. They are being overburdened with the possession and a blank mind resulted the fall out of these people.

The women with wide open legs falling on the floor really make the photo funny. Most of the hilarious photos depict that these falling out people are not doing anything to save them and they are completely down to the floor. In most of the photos, women are found with high heels, which may be one of the reasons of falling down for women. If a woman walks down to the stairs or from somewhere uncomfortable place with high heels and holding material possessions, then we can expect such incidents.

All these pictures show the talent of the photographer and how these hilarious photos are captured. The photographer’s mind is too active to capture such shots. These photos also show how we deal with things in daily life and want to take many things altogether. The falling victims show a great sense of humor and people really enjoy such funny photos.

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