The Feedback Stab – Worst Client Comments Posters

Ah, we poor advertisers! We study Advertising as a subject and we fall in love with it. We decide to make a career in advertising; we join local or multinational advertising agencies at the grass root level and we slowly work our way up the ladder. Be it the creative department, the client services or the media; we work day in and day out, learning all about advertising. Then comes a time when we eat, sleep, drink and dream nothing else than advertising. We give years of our youth in

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learning the art of this fantastic and niche profession; and then BAM! We are standing in front of a client whose knowledge about advertising is no more than that of a common ground squirrel. BUT! Since they are the client and we are the agency, we have to surrender to their whims and wishes, no matter how ridiculous they might be. We sacrifice our talent, our countless hours of hard work and all that we have learned, only, because the client wants a certain thing a particular way. Even if it means killing or frankly; mercilessly slaughtering the spirit of advertising, we do it!

I am sure this is a common tragedy across every operational advertising agency on God’s green earth. Another common fate that all us advertisers share, are the not so smart feedback comments that our honored clients bless us with. Let me share some of the classic feedback stabbers:

Polar Bear

The Vikings

Target Audience


Cow Boy

Actual Logo

More White Space

Babies Ear



Irish People

Too Blocky


Target Market

Harry Potter



When I See It

Fun Factor

Jazz It Up


Animated Ad



What's Up

Polarising Hair

Non Specific



Black Chirstmas


Break Internet

Make It POP

Old Granny

More Fonts

Italian Copy

Bigger Logo

Make Bigger Logo

Another Room

Animated Gif

Image from Internet

Sexier Pig


I can go on and on. This is just a small sample of what we face every day. So my dear clients, and all the clients to all my fellow advertisers; we don’t tell you how to manufacture your products. So please don’t tell us how to do what we do best. Spare us, huh?