3D Optical Illusions from Simple Materials

The 3d technology is a revolution to say the least. Who could have imagined that one day, we could see images and movies in a three dimensional view? 3d has amplified the effect of visuals and aids creativity in many ways. However, the fact remains that the most creative of things are also the simplest in nature; justifying the basic rule i.e. simplify and amplify.

3d llusion - 1

Croatian artist Igor Eskinja has done exactly that with his new project. Using simple materials, he has created installations that are highly creative, and give 3d look when viewed from specific angles. In one of his installations, Eskinja has pasted numerous computer folders on a wall and then placed a trash bin nearby.

3d llusion - 2

Another installation shows the word “Imagineering” installed on a wall, using nothing but electric supply cables. Once again, looking from a specific angle, this installation gives a 3d look. Another simple and creative design shows street lights made of cords, installed on a wall. The most creative installation in my opinion is the one made using a bicycle. With the bicycle put upside down on the floor, the front tyre is removed and is replaced by a splatter of black paint; connoting that the tyre had burst badly.

Eskinja’s series of installations also includes a swimming pool boundary made of plastic ducts, completed by climbing handles. It looks amazing on a marble floor. One should be careful not to just dive in! Every artist is different from the other. The work of each has its unique attributes that differentiate the particular artist from others in the lot. The series of creative installations by Eskinja were made using the simplest of everyday life materials; emphasizing that you do not need to be exquisite to portray your creativity. If it is in you, you can be as creative as possible with the simplest of tools at your disposal.

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