The Moving Paper Sculpture

History is filled with examples of fantastic sculptures. Michelangelo’s David and Sylvia Shaw Judson’s “The Bird Girl” and Auguste Rodin’s “The Kiss” are a few examples. Mostly, sculptures are associated to early years and the Renaissance era. The modern day art is more pivoted towards paintings and art pieces created on computers. However,

many artists today still believe in sculptures as being the most powerful forms of art. One such artist is Li Hongbo.

Paper Sculpture by  Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo is an expert in making sculptures out of paper. As difficult and exclusive the task may seem it has another catch that makes Li Hongbo’s work even more unique. His paper sculpture is not static, but moving! They are flexible. Unbelievable, but true! How could someone make a sculpture out of paper and that too a moving one? Li Hongbo has recently released a video in which he shows how his paper sculpture moves. It is the sculpture of a human head. The crown, the scalp, the forehead and the face; all are moveable. Li Hongbo just takes hold of the head and then stretches it like an accordion! This is absolutely phenomenal! Words are unable to explain the excellence of this paper sculpture. If you take a look at the video; you will realize what high levels of creative excellence the artist has

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Paper Sculpture by  Li Hongbo

Paper Sculpture by  Li Hongbo

Among numerous art pieces presented by various artists every day, Li Hongbo’s work stands out due to its uniqueness and separates him from regular artists; cementing his place among one of a kind class acts.

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