Variety of Sleeve Tattoos Design

In sleeve tattoos you have a choice to either have full sleeve tattoo, or half or quarter sleeves tattoo. For quarter sleeve tattoo the area from shoulder to biceps is covered whereas in half sleeve tattoo from elbow to wrist is covered. You can have different backgrounds of water, fire, stars or flower in your tattoo. Besides that, you can choose from any of the following tattoo designs:

Koi Fish Tattoos

These tattoos are popular for the fish style and the vibrant colors used in them. This tattoo has a strong and deep meaning hidden behind it which adds furthermore inspiration to the tattoo style.

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoo is to define a classy rural look for which one cannot regret to have. This tattoo is perfect to fit on your sleeve.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Flower Tattoos

When it comes to ladies getting tattoos, the flower tattoos are most common ones. These tattoos are not just popular for the beauty and slenderness but are relatable to the women as a symbol of delicacy. Lilly tattoos, cherry blossom tattoos, and lotus flower tattoos are on top of the line in floral tattoos.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Celtic Tattoos

Complex unusual spirals and animal tattoos are another happening class of tattoos which is favorite for the youngsters. Young guys prefer to have such tattoos as these tattoos are considered as symbol of power and strength.

Celtic Sleeve Tattoo

Gothic Tattoos

This is the oldest style of tattoos and was popular among people even centuries back. These tattoos have an outstanding flow combined with colorful gothic symbol which depict the life style of Goth people. In gothic tattoos you have a great variety available. You may plan to have a tattoo of animals and people who are in their afterlife. The wide range of tattoos of gothic art would surely cater your desire of having an extremely new design for yourself.

Gothic Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

There was a time when sleeve tattoos were popular among men but today women are fonder of sleeve tattoos. Japanese tattoos come in the widest range of colorful tattoos with different themes and designs complimenting each other. You can pick your theme according to your need and get it done easily. Since these tattoos are complex, therefore getting them done in single session is practically not possible. Therefore if you desire to have such tattoos, make your appointments with the tattoo maker and get it done in sessions instead of one go.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

Mythical Dragons and Snakes

Another category of tattoo art is powerful animal’s tattoos. Snakes such as anaconda and western diamondback rattler are the most common in this class. These tattoos usually start from your shoulder and covers till your wrist. You may take an idea from reptile magazine for these tattoos.

Mythical Sleeve Tattoo

Here are some more sleeve tattoo designs:

Girl Sleeve Tattoo

Full Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo Design

Red Sleeve Tattoo

Multicolor Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo for Men

Fish and Flower Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Sea Turtle Tattoo

Japanese Half Sleeve

Sleeve Tattoo Design

Full Sleeve Tattoo 2