Exceptional Toilet Paper Roll Art

Toilet paper roll art is a new and amazing dimension of art in which artist uses paper towels and its tube to illustrate his imaginations. The art has amazed a significant number of people by its delicately defined themes and by beautiful depiction of real life scenarios. Toilet paper art is a contemporary art which is often not taken too seriously by many of us but the fact remains intact that the master pieces by artists worth viewing and appreciation.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing 2

Artist Anastassia Elias is the first one who made the discarded toilet paper roll tubes useful. She came up with the brilliant idea of utilizing these tube rolls through her artistic illustrations.
The artist who is apparently a painter instead of using her paint brushes and paint palette used scissors and empty toilet paper tubes to bring a visibility to her imaginations. She carved delicate miniature scenarios within the left over toilet paper tubes which were completely defining expressions of art.

Canvas, clipboard, pencils, lead, colors etc; all are kept away while this artistic work is being done. Only scissors and paper towels along with toilet paper tubes are enough to create something elaborative yet astonishing.

A Book on Toilet Paper Art

The artist Anastassia Elias has recently published her own book of toilet paper art known as Rouleaux. The book has gained acceptance and popularity and given the creative lot a new category of arts to work on and excel their skills.

Toilet Paper Art – All about Carving & Creating Exceptional Realistic Scenes

Toilet paper art is all about carving and creating exceptional realistic scenes. One can create just anything with the help of scissors and paper. The artist Elia has emphasized on the following categories in her work:

  • Dancing ballerinas
  • Different animals especially horses
  • Night time scenes
  • Cirque performers

Amazing Artistic Work within No Time

The artist also mentioned the fact that unlike all other arts, this art doesn’t require much of time for creation. It takes almost an hour to create a piece of toilet paper art. Actually most of the time is spent to get an idea but in carving or illustrating it hardly takes more than an hour. It is also because of the size of the toilet paper roll.

Wildlife Illustration in Toilet Paper Roll

Most of the work done in toilet paper art is about wild life. Different animals in their amazing poses are crafted well inside the tube of toilet paper. The most popular is the two horse illustration which is known as one of the most intricate scenes of this art.


Aquarium 2

Building Site


Far North






Far North