The Tears of the Innocent

There are many ways for people to show their frustrations. They organize rallies, hold protests and demonstrations and start online petitions. Some go to the extent of portraying their problems using props. The infamous Dr. Jack Kevorkian once appeared to his court hearing binding himself in wooden head and hand shackles. There are many ways for the masses to protest against the cruelties and inequalities of the system. Photographer Jill Greenberg has her own unique way of doing so.

jill greenberg crying baby 1

In her series of photographs titled “End Time”, Greenberg A.K.A “The Manipulator” presents various images of children crying as if they have been put through severe trauma. Jill managed to take these pictures by applying a simple formula. She gave each kid a lollipop and then took it away quickly. We all know children love lollipops and it is very natural that on snatching, they would start crying.

jill greenberg crying baby 2

Some people say Jill’s method is cruel as children should not suffer even to the slightest degree. My verdict, however, is different. Jill’s project reflects her frustration against the government and the Christian fundamentalism in America. Children are innocence at its best. Everything they do is pure and without anything fake. Their laughs are the most genuine and their tears are the most real. Jill’s use of crying children connotes the pain the system has caused the masses. As people grow older, their portrayal of true emotions becomes marred by fear and other factors. Children are an excellent cliché to show true emotions. I would rather commend Jill Greenberg on her creative thinking and excellent execution of the shoot. On a totally different tangent, crying or laughing; children look beautiful and adorable. All the pictures in this project will make you want to hug these children and wipe their innocent tears.

jill greenberg crying baby 3

jill greenberg crying baby 4

jill greenberg crying baby 5

jill greenberg crying baby 6