The Real Life Mermaid

The oceans are vast and deep, with tens of thousands of secrets hidden deep within. There are many myths and legends associated to the oceans. Stories of pirates, treasures, ancient sea monsters and of course, mermaids have been around for ages. With the torso of beautiful women, and lower bodies consisting of long fin like tails, these mysterious and fictitious beauties have always been the center of attention in the tales of the sea. However, the world can now see a real life mermaid. Meet Linden Wolbert, a Los Angeles based free diver and model. Linden is a full time professional mermaid. She can swim to a depth of 115 feet and can hold her breath under water for up to 5 minutes!

Real Life Mermaid - 1

This stunning real life mermaid transforms from the human form with a 35-pound, and six feet long hydrodynamic tail. This tail was made by Hollywood special effects artist Allan Holt. The tail took seven months to complete and cost £ 10,000. Wolbert has a special love for water; and using her amazing diving skills, she has swum among many of the sea creatures including whale sharks and jelly fish. There is a series of stunning underwater pictures of this real life mermaid that mesmerize the viewers.

Linden Wolbert offers ocean conservation and education by offering her services to various charity and non-profit organizations. She has also been a part of various Hollywood parties. Wolbert has created a very unique way to help ocean conservation, along with bringing to life one of the most famous and storied characters of the sea. With her beautiful face and perfect body, this real life mermaid is no less than any fictitious mermaids we have heard about in stories.

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via Daily Mail