The Cooper T-Shirt Chronicles

Over the years, television has given us some great sitcoms. Series like Friends, Everybody loves Raymond and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air have made us smile and have a huge fan following. Then, in September 2007, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady introduced the world to The Big Bang Theory. Based on the life of three physicists and their engineer friend, the series can be summed up in one word- Hilarious! Breaking shackles of using attractive celebrities, The Big  Bang Theory takes us on a joy ride into the lives of four nerds.

Sheldon cooper

When we say The Big bang Theory, the first character that comes to mind id Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. Portrayed perfectly by Jim Parsons, Sheldon is no doubt the nucleus of The Big Bang Theory atom. Parsons phenomenal performance has already earned him multiple Golden Globe awards, with more to follow. His irritating manners and the fetish for ridiculing everyone, without even realizing it, has made him the most loveable character on the show (sorry Penny, you are the immediate successor).

Everything about Sheldon Cooper is unique; his voice, his quips, his jokes, his laugh, his fears and his T-shirts. Speaking of T-shirts, do you know actually how many different T-shirts he has worn since the first episode of the first season? Quiet difficult to calculate isn’t it? The fact remains that as unique as Sheldon’s character is, the producers and the directors have done full justice to giving attention to details. Sheldon is a believer in evolution. He has an eternal love for The Flash, one of the characters of D.C Comics; and who can ever forget his first love, science or more specifically, Physics? All his interests are reflected through his T-shirts. It is hard to imagine Sheldon without his trade mark T-shirts. These T-shirts complete Sheldon, and play a big part in his ability to make us his diehard fans. To take a surprising and laughter inducing look at Sheldon Lee Coopers T-shirts (all of them, from the first ever episode to date!), check out the infographic below and enjoy.

Every tshirt sheldon has worn