The Color of Food

Food is the most basic of human needs; the commanding factor that has driven man to cause since the dawn of humanity. Primitive man only had one priority, to feed. All the remaining desires known to man came into being only after the appetite was satisfied. Over the years, food has become a trademark for cultures. Many countries, when discussed, are primarily remembered for the cuisines hey offer.

Bacon & Eggs

The nutritional benefits of food have somewhat taken a back seat to its presentation. How can anyone devour a meal that falls short of creating an impact on the eyes? An apple is considered the best and the most fresh based on its color. The appetizing appeal that food makes on the beholder is a key factor in the selection of it.

Modern technology has introduced us to many new colors. When it comes to fashion, lifestyle or mood, color plays a vital role. But what about the color of food?

David Schwen from Minneapolis Minnesota created a project called Pantone Pairings. Using the modern day pantone palette, Schwen created a unique combination of food and color. If we need to know the true color of a particular food, Pantone Pairings is the way to go.

Bread & Butter

Starting from sauces, Schwen created the perfect red and yellow for ketchup and mustard respectively. The creative direction, illustration and photography have been blended perfectly. The images not only show the color of the particular food, but also the texture, giving it a real life and appetizing look.

Pantone salt and pepper come next. These two basic food ingredients have been shown as if in their true form, and of course, with colors that sent a benchmark for the selection of these commodities. Peanut butter and jelly are loved around the world. Take a look at Schwen’s pantone version of them and the love will grow to new heights.

Schwen has created pairings of food that complement each other perfectly. For example, macaroni and cheese have an everlasting relation and is also being paid tributeto in this project. Lemon and lime, with their beautiful yellow and green colors also grace this series. Just take a look at the Pantone peas and carrots

and you are bound to consider becoming a vegetarian.

Who doesn’t love chips with salsa? This mouthwatering combination also holds its own in Schwen’s project, with colors that will generate the urge to rush to the nearest shop and get some. There are many more beautifully done Pantone Pairings in this project. Click on the link and hear your stomachs growl for some food.

Burger & Fries

Cake & Ice Cream


Chicker and Waffles

Chips and Salsa

Hot Cocoa Pantone

Lemon and Lime


MeatBalls Pantone

Milk and Cookie

Pancake and Syrup

Ketchup & Mustard

Peanut Butter

Peas Pantone

Potatoes & Gravy

Salt and Pepper

Wasabi & Soy Sauce

Strawberries & Chocolate