The Animal Fashion Parade

Fashion is and always will be an integral part of the human world. As soon as man figured out ways to manage the basic necessities, fashion made its way into our lives and will stay till eternity. Fashion designers globally come up with new and trendy styles for all the major seasons. Millions and millions of all currencies are spent on designing, modeling, photography and fashion shows. These trends become a craze for the general public and everyone wants to look unique and stylish. All in all, man wants to dress and dress in style.

Wolf in Tuxedo

But what about the animals? Okay, all the animals have some sort of coating, be it fur or feathers. However, all these coatings are natural i.e. as God intended them. Don’t you think that if man, with all his evolution over the years gets to dress sharp; the animals deserve that chance too? Barcelona based graphic artist Yago Partal was faced with the same dilemma. Now dressing up animals like humans would be a somewhat difficult task; so Partal relied on his artistic abilities to come up with a series of humorous pictures under the name of “Zoo Portraits”. Using his expertise in graphic designing, Partal gives us the best dressed zoo animals you will ever see.

The first picture is of a wolf in a tuxedo. The word wolf has been associated to humans in many movies and serials. The unique qualities of this animal have given way to many myths and legends. However, the wolf in focus is as sharp as James Bond Himself. HOOOO let the dogs out?

The Koala bear is a very loveable animal. Imagine the charm one carries dressed in a Hawaiian shirt! A bear is loaded with fur, but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel cold. Partal stylizes a bear with a sweater that matches its fur and attitude.

Check out the fashion parade of the zoo animals.

Animal Fashion Parade

Animal in Fashion

Giraffe in Fashion

Black Bear in Jacket

Dear in Fashion Parade

Dog in Suite

Frog in Red Sweater

Hipo in Fasion Parade

Koala Bear in Fashion

Animal in Fashion

Monkey Fashion

Panda in Suite

Pig in Shirt

Tiger Fashion Parade

White Bear Fashion

Wolf in Suite