Superb Motion Perspective Urban Paintings by Valerio D’Ospina

Experimenting with modern approaches to traditional techniques and mediums of art is what leads to the birth of truly outrageous contemporary works of art. A visual artist must be willing to experiment and challenge oneself and their creative prowess in order to effectively and efficiently explore their capabilities as creative individuals.

In this art feature we will be looking at the brilliant oil paintings of Valerio D’Ospina, a talented artist from Southern Italy currently living is working in Pennsylvania. Valerio D’Ospina started out his artistic education with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy. These magnificent oil paintings are based on a magnificent structure of flawlessly blurred and motioned perspective, instantly bringing the paintings to life. Valerio D’Ospina captures contemporary urban scenes from industry and city life, including the painting ofship yards, trains and factories along with Valerio’s characteristic “urbanscapes”. These paintings are painted in a dramatic manner whilst all the while retaining a truthful,

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almost grungy and gritty appearance and feeling.

Valerio D’Ospina’s excellence in the practice of art should come as no surprise when one looks at his previous track record related to the artistic study and inspiration. Valerio has travelled from Florence to Paris to study and feel inspired by the cities’ local artists during the course of his artistic pursuits, soon after which his talent was recognized and he got the opportunity to travel to the United States as a teacher of Classical Drawing and Painting, which is where he finally established himself as an artist and lives and works now. Valerio has had a good number of solo shows as well as group exhibitions in Europe as well as the States, in addition to being featured in several art fairs and prize winning events.

Have a look at his beautifully high contrast, highly textured and magnificently motion blurred perspective industrial themed paintings and urbanscapes. Truly a treat for artists seeking inspiration in the light of the awe inspiring talents of artists such as Valerio D’Ospina.