Husband Dress in Pink Tutu Travels the World to Help Her Wife to Fight Cancer

It is a story of pink husband, who sacrificed for the love and care of his wife. Linda Carey was suffering from the breast cancer and left the hope of living anymore. Bob, her husband wanted to make her wife happy, so he got an idea of wearing a pink tutu to deal with the dismal news and help his wife to recover from the deadly disease and make her smile. Bob started the Tutu project, in which he travels the world wearing a pink tutu, take pictures facing the cold, heat and public humiliation.

Linda bob carey 1

Bob has walked on the ice with bare foots, travel without clothes to the hottest places around the world and traveled to the end of the earth just to make her wife smile. Bob talked about his experience of travelling to the world. It was quite tough for the Linda to go through the self-therapy and it was quite hard, so Bob started to collect some picture for Linda to bring smile to her face and to lessen the pain of Linda through his pictures.

Linda bob carey 2

The pictures were too funny and anyone would laugh after seeing a glimpse of Bob’s pictures. So, the noble cause of pink husband has finally worked and brought smiles to her wife face. Bob pictures in tutu travelling to the world make Linda smile and she feels better with smiling face. Linda was quite happy with the pictures and definitely for the love she received from her husband during the diagnosis.

Pink husband 1

Linda showed the husband’s pictures to other women suffering from the breast cancer and it made them laugh too. Bob gather a wonderful collection of funny pictures while travelling to the world and his idea got popular all over the world. The pictures were amazing and quite hilarious. Now, the bob is known as the pink husband and being appreciated by lots of people for the sacrifices he made for her wife. We can’t find such a nice example of love and care of a husband for his wife in the history. The idea was quite successful and it helped the Bob to build Carey Foundation which helps patient of breast cancer financially and morally.

Bob and Linda have set a fantastic example that changed the lives of many patients suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases today for the women on the earth.

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