NYC GRID – Transition of NYC in Footage

Paul Sahner became a famous photographer when captured the transition of New York city that came to a great success. In 2008 the photographer worked on capturing images of NYC to form New York grid. He took thousands of photos of the city and documented them on his blog to get a feedback. He has posted thousands of pictures and of the whole New York City. He has been updating his blog as it has been appreciated by many of his followers. He divided the entire city into blocks and then block by block he took pictures and even compared the classic modernization of the city. He emphasized on the factor that how a simple city has converted into the biggest and most desirable place to live. Google street views also helped him out in this project. Though the evolution of the city has no match with any other city modernization and development yet the photographer has introduced the some really astonishing facts about the city to his followers.

NYC Grid - 1

The photographer after spending 7 years in New York City formed a blog on his website known as NYC grid where he posted various images of New York City neighborhood. Most of the images he uploaded were taken by him. He documented the whole series of photographs in a way that they appear to provide authentic information about the city to all the viewers. The blog focuses on the fact that how New York City has been changing. Images are posted in a way that they express a comparison of the eras before and after the modernization. The footages on the blog are a result of contemporary photography. The highlights on the pages of Manhattan Bridge, Park Avenue and off course, Wall Street are amazing.

NYC Grid - 2

NYC Grid - 3

NYC Grid - 4

NYC Grid - 5

NYC Grid - 6

NYC Grid - 7

NYC Grid - 8

NYC Grid - 9

NYC Grid - 10

NYC Grid - 11