Countdown to Heroism [Infographic]

Super hero movies have always been famous. Over the last decade, with the inclusion of special effects, these movies have reached new heights. Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Super Man and The Avengers are a few examples. Super hero movies have taken a consistent spot at the top slots of the box office. The year 2012 saw the rise and stardom of “The Avengers”. Let’s take a look at the upcoming super hero movies.

Robert Downey Jr.’s amazing portrayal of Tone Stark and Iron Man has made him a mega icon.The first two Iron Man movies did great at the box office. Now, Downy Jr. returns as the billionaire, playboy and scientific

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genius Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. This movie brings new challenges into Stark’s life with new villains and new heights for Iron Man to achieve. The movie is set to release in March 2013.

“Man of Steel” is the new Super Man movie. Super Man is perhaps one of the oldest super heroes, with a huge fan following. Brandon Ruth’s “Superman Returns” was unable to impress critics. Let’s see if “Man of Steel” can turn the franchise’s fortune in 2013.

As mentioned earlier, “The Avengers” broke numerous records in 2012. Now, Director Whedon is working on the sequel. This star studded movie is bound to get the theatres jam packed in May 2015.

Another super hero movie to look forward to is “The Wolverine”. Hugh Jackman is such a hit as the adamentium studded hero that it seems that the role was written just for him. “The Wolverine” shows Logan (Jackman) living a life of seclusion until he is found by a longtime indebted billionaire. The movie will be a treat for all Wolverine fans. The Infographic reveals the top ten upcoming super hero movies, a list, by the way, dominated by Marvel.

SuperHero Movies Infographic

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