Mirror Mirror!

The mirror is an invention that has groomed humans more than any cosmetic item. It shows us what we look like and often stretches our imaginations to what we want to look like. In old times, the mirror was more than enough for a person to behold ones looks. As technology advanced, so did the human desire to be able to look upon oneself. Smart phones, with their good quality cameras have induced self-photo shoot frenzy among people. Everywhere you go, you can see people clicking away at themselves, giving two hoots to whatever or whoever is around. As if this was not enough; people have start taking pictures of them standing in front of mirrors. Various social networking sites are overrun with such images.

Frank Haenen, a Netherlands based internet marketer has mixed this modern craze to portraits of famous people that became famous long before the smart phone invention. Haenen used designing software to make the portraits of historical figures look like as if they had taken those pictures themselves in front of their mirrors.

Haenen created a series of funny images with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, Karl Marx, Pablo Picasso and even Her Majesty the Queen of England! This is one of those occasions when technology is used to digitally manipulate an existing image resulting in a comical visual. Take a look at the complete series of Haenen’s work and enjoy.