Light Painting by Harold Ross

The photographic technique in which the images are defined uniquely with the help of movement of camera or with the exposure of light on the object that is captured in the photo is called light painting. For these images the light is being held in hand and is thrown on the object in such a way that the image of the object highlights the object according to the exposure of light.

Light Painting - 1

This photographic technique was introduced back in the year 1914 by Frank Gibreth and his wife. The couple used camera and light together in a way that they can monitor the motion of the task they were being given.

Later, further developments and progress was made in this field and the photography with light movement promoted the entirely new class of arts and photography together.

An artist Harold Ross played with light effects in his paintings and created images of landscapes late at night. His art work was a refreshing element in the field of photography.

Light sculpting was the new technique used by the photographer to expose certain areas in his photographs with the help of LED light and flash lights. He illuminated certain placed in landscapes and captured them well with the moving lightening effect.

If we compare his work with today’s digital photography, for sure there won’t be much difference in observation. Numerous light sources enlightening the photos from every direction would create confusion in viewers mind that they are captured with digital camera or is a fine piece of light painting.

Here is some of Harlod Ross’s work.

Light Painting - 2

Light Painting - 3

Light Painting - 4

Light Painting - 5

Light Painting - 6

Light Painting - 7

Light Painting - 8

Light Painting - 9