Life – Spacebound Animation

What is life? Does anyone know the right answer? To some, it’s money, to some it’s love and to some, it’s a curse. To me, life is a gift from God; and every moment is worth living to the fullest. You do not need to study tons of literature or meditate for years to understand life. The simplest of things can touch you and make you feel proud of your life, urging you to stay happy and always count your blessings.

Spacebound Animation 1

Ellen Su and Kyle Moy created a two and a half minute animated video that is more than enough to convey the intended message. Titled “Space Bound”, this video shows an astronaut and his dog stranded in outer space. The Oxygen level is critically low and the astronaut is melancholy foreseeing the fate to come. The beauty of this video is that the astronaut is accompanied by his dog. A dog is the thesaurus name for love and loyalty. No matter what, a dog will always love his master and will never leave his side. As the oxygen level falls further, the dog, unaware of what is to come, playfully urges his master to go for a jumping stroll on numerous meteors scattered around them. The astronaut but takes one step and enters a new world of lights and stars. He forgets his fate and laughs and plays with his best friend.

Spacebound Animation 2

Spacebound Animation 3

Spacebound Animation 4

Spacebound Animation 5

My friends, I will be honest. This is the first ever animated video that had me speechless. How the video ends, see for yourself. All I can tell you is that life has to end some day, some moment. Till then, it is yours to live. So live happily and cherish each moment with the ones you love. Don’t think how many moments are there in life; just think how much life is there in each moment.

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