Levitation of The Iconic Buildings

Photographers worldwide are always trying to come up with projects that are head turners. They visit exotic locations, live in extreme conditions and go to their ultimate potentials to bring us images that create an everlasting effect.

Recently, photographic creativity has taken a new turn. Photoshop and other softwares are often used to enhance the impact of an image. However, these softwares are not just used as just mentioned. Some photographers use their genuine creativity to give their projects a discriminator.

Levitation Series 1

One such photographer is Giuseppe Lo Schiavo. With his project titled “Levitation”, this Italian photographer takes us into a world of dreams. Yes, for some, dreams constitute of riding unicorns, walking through lush green meadows, and becoming insanely rich; but this particular project takes us into the dream land of creativity.

Levitation Series 2

The concept behind the project is actually quite simple. Schavio imagined how some of the iconic buildings and structures of the world would look like if they we suspended in air. However, some realistic element must be injected to maintain that fine line between creative dreaming and utter insanity. These buildings, though shown floating in the air, do have a solid ground to stand on; in this case, a giant rock.

The first image is of The Parthenon, a Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Even Athena, with all her prowess over wisdom, courage, civilization and law could not have imagined her temple being airborne. Schavio is surely going to be blessed by her!

The Eiffel Tower is another structure of historical significance. One can easily say that it is the face of France. The Eiffel Tower too, very rightfully, makes it to Schavio’s project. Like Athena, Gustave Eiffel would be very proud of Schavio too.

The ancient Roman Colosseum always brings to mind the sights of gladiators showing their master swordsmanship. Bearing the mark of Roman architecture, the Collosseum is an iconic structure, looks ever more mesmerizing atop a giant floating rock.

Schavio adds another touch to his pictures by presenting them in black and white. Since all the buildings shown in the project are quiet old to say the least; the black and white effect gives them the perfect visual impact.

Levitation Series 3

Levitation Series 4

Levitation Series 5