History Twisted on Human Body

The face paint art set off noteworthy process until attainment to the final effect. A picture of Chadwick is at times taken undefined form of art on human body. With an intricate, detailed painting casing a segment of Chadwick body.  

Chadwick face and body is used by Spector to show the various colors of art work. Hence the artist has beautifully elaborated the artistic elements on Chadwick as canvas. Portions of Chadwick body and face painting are done to recreate the historic moments and to safe them in a unique way.

The subject of Chadwick and Spector’s art work is based on the historic events and their significance. The team of two has combined the antique work, history and defined them in a completely transformed manner to match up the standards of contemporary arts along with current advanced technologies used in fine arts. Hence their face paintings reveal clearly the

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efforts behind flawless work by the two and make the viewers enthralled.

Chadwick art 9

Chadwick art 10

Chadwick art 8

Chadwick art 7

Chadwick art 6

Chadwick art 5

Chadwick art 4

Chadwick art 3

Chadwick art 2

Chadwick art 1