Five Ways to Increase Creativity

If you consider yourself an artist, you have likely encountered the inevitable: a block. Writer’s block occurs in many other art forms. It is, in short, a lack of inspiration. Whether you create art as your work or for fun, it can be discouraging to lose that inspiration. You want to feel that spark of creation. So how do you increase your creativity? Here are some ways to boost that flame:


  1. Surround yourself with the work of your inspiration. Have you ever noticed how certain songs make you want to sing along? How certain books make you want to write? Certain plays make you want to get up onstage and act? Surround yourself with artwork or music that inspires you to be creative.
  2. Just do it.  Don’t think too hard about it! Just get down to business. When inspiration does hit, don’t hesitate. Go with it. But more importantly, just get in the groove of creating, even if you don’t feel creative. So what you create may not be your best work. But one little nugget of that creation may provide inspiration for your next piece of work. Or you can laugh it off later.
  3. Relax. A relaxed mind is a creative mind. If you are stressed out, how can you possibly expect yourself to be creative? Take up yoga, meditation, or New York City Reflexology. Using Groupon Coupons can provide you with ways to save money on these stress reducing techniques.
  4. Stay tidy. Clutter is scientifically proven to increase stress, anxiety, and depression. None of these are good breeding grounds for creativity. Keep your space tidy and inspiration is more likely to hit.
  5. Just enjoy it. Who cares what other people think? Does creating make you happy? Then enjoy it! There will always be haters. Just shake it off and have fun.