Bob Marley and James Dean on Banana

Uniqueness is what makes every artist’s work sell able. Creativity requires an edge of uniqueness for an art piece to be remembered. Honey, from Philippines, realized just that and made her work unique and memorable.

Bob Marley Art

Honey did not go for illustrations, paintings and abstract art. She used one of the most basic necessities of man as her medium; Food. We all eat bananas and we know how delicate their peels are. However, Honey masterfully used banana peels to create portraits of famous celebrities! By making outlines and filling them with tiny holes made from needles, honey presents an absolutely refreshing and unique work.

Bob Marley is an icon. His dreadlocks are an inspiration to millions. Sketching him is a difficult task, but kudos to Honey, who created his portrait on a banana peel using nothing but outline and pin holes. Remember ”Fight Club”? Another set of honey’s work shows portraits of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. James Dean was a major heart throb in his days. How could Honey miss him? The amazing thing about Honey’s work is that it is extremely detailed and the images give an impression on being printed rather than created with needles. Who wouldn’t want to have a banana Hollywood style?

Another avenue of Honey’s work is that she can use an otherwise scrap able item into an art piece. When we use an eraser, we just brush off the eraser bits. Well, for Honey, it is another medium. She created a silhouette using the eraser bits. Her work also includes a portrait up to the torso using numerous small and hollow tubes.

It is safe to say that Honey, using her delightfully created mind, has made her work memorable and most important of all, unique. Let’s see what the lady comes up with next. I am eagerly awaiting her upcoming project.

.Silhouette Banana by Honey

James Dean on Banana

Fight Club by Honey

Alfred Hitchcock by Honey