Animography: Words in Action

This is the age of animation. Numerous animated movies are produced annually, many of which are great successes at the box office. The moving pictures are no doubt a marvel. However, animated typography also has its own class. Animography is an online typography provider, and has come up with some amazing animated typographies. Their projects are customizable to various sorts of projects.

Words always have an impact; and if words are moving, the impact is magnified. Each typography in their quiver is unique and has a different animation. The use of colors is very attractive and the animation is very easy on the eyes.

There are a few examples of Animography’s work. Typography is executed in relevance with the genre. For example, the animated typography for “Webster” appears with illustrated web within all the alphabets. For “Fat Frank”, the letters are bold; “Binary B.O” shows the typography as a binary code. There are other fine animated typographies available on the Animography website. A short video is also available for us to see the complete animation of these words. Many of these types are also available in static phase. These projects are perfect for use in title sequences, T.V commercials and presentations. This would be a great help in embellishing one’s projects and creating a deeper impact.

Animography - 1

Animography - 2

Animography - 3

Animography - 4

Animography - 5

Animography - 7

Animography - 8

Animography - 9