Tattoo of Your Favorite Brand to Express Your Loyalty

From apple to IKEA, Harley to Coca Cola, all popular brands have a lot of customer’s who sincerely believe in the brand and its qualities. It seems a life time association with the brand. The height of their loyalty with the brand is often seen in a unique way when they put on the brand logo tattoo on their body. Hence it’s a form of art which cannot be ignored. On one hand it’s the fine way of expressing their brand loyalty whereas on the other hand, it clarifies the acceptance level for brand in the market. Hence this tattoo art utilization to work as a marketing tool has shown effective results. Nowadays many companies are using this technique in-house.

Brand Tattoos on Kid

If you have got a brand tattoo on your body, you can be closely linked with all those who have similar brand tattoo. Hence it’s a way of social community building where people with similar views regarding particular brand share their common values. These communities can serve as a meaningful source of public relationship building.

Here are some images of brand tattoos.

Wal mart tattoo

Verizon Tattoo

Brand Tattoo 3

Google Tattoo

Host Gator Tattoo

Google tattoo on back

Mc Donald Tattoo

Google It Tattoo

Brand Tattoo at Back

Red Bull Tattoo

Apple Tattoo

Red Bull Tattoo on arm

Brand Tattoo

Brand tattoo on chest

Apple tattoo 3

Just do It tattoo

Brand Tattoo - 4

Eleven Tattoo

Brand Tattoos on back


Brand Tattoo - 6

Tomato Soup

Dr. Pepper

Harley Davidson Tattoo