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  • Keeping a Balanced Diet

    By Ferman Aziz on Jun 22nd
    Italian artist Elena Mora has created a series of amazing sculptures made out of real food. The catch with this series is that every art piece is made in the form of a balanced scale
  • Bob Marley and James Dean on Banana

    By Ferman Aziz on May 7th
    Uniqueness is what makes every artist's work sell able. Creativity requires an edge of uniqueness for an art piece to be remembered. Honey, from Philippines, realized just that and made her work unique and memorable.
  • The Creative Calling

    By Ferman Aziz on Apr 15th
    The purpose of a phone booth is for the general public to conveniently make calls, period. However, if the phone booth is designed creatively enough for the caller to approach and use it
  • Fascinating Futuristic Megalopolises by Yang Yongliang

    By Ferman Aziz on Feb 22nd
    Photography in itself is a magnificent practice of creativity and art. When coupled with other modern methods and techniques however, it brings out a level of unique creation and magnificence on a level entirely of its incomparable own.
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  • 20 Lovely Creative Ideas for Family Portraits

    By Ferman Aziz on Feb 19th
    For a family portrait shoot to be a successful one, it is very important that both the party of family members and the family photographer establish a comfortable and communicative relationship among one another.