Frog Photography by William Meijer

William Meijer, a Canadian photographer is known as a Nature poet. He is proficient in mega photography. He has captured such amazing pictures with captive the mind. Nature, animals, sceneries always holds a charm for him. Above all the frog with its viscid skin and bulging eyes grasp all his attentions. It is the superior skills of Will Meijer which make it the most loveable and charming animal.

Frog Photography (1)

His pictures are full of bright colors presenting the frog in various fascinating situations. He has taken images of frogs in various positions. The first picture is most impressive one where a small toad is keenly staring to a blue sheen flower. He has placed himself on a large leaf in a way that it helps him giving a smiley face. His countenance and his look to the flower are enchantingly beautiful.

Frog Photography (2)

Second picture glows with wild mushrooms in the nighttime. The red clinging feet of the frog shines in the light of mushroom that has seated him on it. Its brown bellied eyes are full of transcend emotions. Its green upper, yellow lower, red feet and brown eyes soothe the backdrop. Third image presents a frog in its calm. His body texture resembles with a soldier’s uniform. It is sitting on a large green leaf enjoying the serenity of the atmosphere. The multi shaded frog in the fourth picture is awe-inspiring. The color texture if its background adds to the beauty of the picture. The bright red eyes of frog arrest the absorption of everyone.

Frog Photography (3)

The yellow frog with its blue eyes in the fifth picture is a beauty indeed. Its dotted body, the bewitching bluish brown eyes pattern is out of the world. The colorful flower where the frog is sitting is the beauty of nature which makes the picture the most attractive one. It seems that two frogs are cuddling together in the seventh image. Their reddish eyes, the twilight in the background and the nodded flower catches the sight of people. Same picture is seen in the next images with the change of backcloth.

Frog Photography (4)

In the ninth image, the picture of a frog eludes the viewers as a large yellowish snake or lizard but surely it’s a frog clinging to a yellow leaf with its same bright eyes. Another multi colored frog making its way between the two stems. His posture really deserves liking. The last image which carries two green frogs with their large full opened eyes on a beautiful yellow bloom is admirable. It seems that they are taking rest after a heavy swim. These all images are actually the masterpiece of William Meijer. The incredible Mr. Frog, its eyes, the colorful lights in the background make each picture admiringly charming.

Frog Photography (5)

Frog Photography (6)

Frog Photography (7)

Frog Photography (8)

Frog Photography (9)

Frog Photography (10)

Frog Photography (11)

Frog Photography (12)