Awesome Use of Watercolors in Drawing Cityscapes of Elena Romanova

Elena Romanova is the first artist who has brought an amazing art from the watercolors. She has created bizarre drawings of cityscapes of the world most famous cities in the world. She has created marvelous artwork, drawings of big famous cities of the world, including London, Barcelona, Eiffel Tower and Statue of the liberty in the United States. The drawings of cities are clear enough to be recognized easily. Elena Romanova has earned the fame due to such a creative work on the internet. The use of watercolors is amazing and it shows the professionalism of the artist.


Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 1

New York

Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 2


Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 3


Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 4


Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 5


Watercolor cityscapes elena romanova 6

Each cityscape designed by the Elena Romanova has its unique characteristics. Most of the paintings have a variety of color schemes, perfect shape and blend of the effects on the paintings. The leaks of the paintings show the real work of the artist. All the paintings have wonderful effect and curiosity in them. It’s not just only drawing, but shows the skills and creativity of the artist. Even large cities are summarized on a single page and a contemporary artwork.

The entire work of Elena Romanova is amazing, the idea is laudable and presentation is wonderful. She has probably just canvassed the painting she has visited herself and she is looking forward for more to get them on canvas. Her work depicts the level of expertise; she has in the watercolors, as it is quite difficult to maintain the natural flow in the pictures using watercolors. Most of the buildings created by Elena are standing together, so it is quite difficult to maintain the difference between the buildings using watercolors. The watercolors spread and spoil the quality of the image if not properly used. These paintings can serve various purposes like for decoration, presentation in gallery and can be sources of motivation for new artists.

Elena Romanova has been continuously working on the idea to improve the drawing and bringing something new to the audience. She likes to capture cityscapes into gorgeous canvas art using the splashes of colors to put a lively effect in the shape of famous cities and buildings. Most of her stunning paintings are enchanting viewers and seems gorgeous. These paintings show fewer details about the cities and are expertly designed that can be easily identified by the viewers. You can go through the amazing collection of skyline art through her official website.

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